Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2010

Time & Life Building

New York, USA

1271 Avenue of the Americas
(50th Street and 6th Avenue)

What attendees have said about the experience

Thank you for organizing another splendid Summit. Day 1 alone produced enough serendipitous encounters to keep me going through another year of introducing new technologies to the Detroit Medical Center. I began conversations with three of the exhibitors and two other participants. Following last year's Summit, I had fruitful collaborations with two award nominees and one of the exhibitors.
David Ellis, Corporate Director, Planning & Future Studies, The Detroit Medical Center

I very much enjoyed the conference, the attendees, the CTO Showcase, and of course, the awards dinner! Thank you very much!!!
Steve Jurvetson, Co-founder Draper, Fisher Jurvetson

My mind and spirit is still reeling from such an inspiring experience. What a fantastic collective you have gathered!
Dana Smirin, Consultant

Thank you for having me. I am impressed with your program and ambitious goals. It really is working!
Alexandra Weber Morales, Editor in Chief, Software Development magazine

Thanks to you for having the vision and commitment to create the WTN.
Peter Copen, President, Copen Family Fund

It was a great conference, and i enjoyed myself. I hope the next year's event is as good...
Om Malik, Business 2.0 magazine

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity, as we met very great contacts.
Adrian David Cheok, Mixed Reality Lab (Singapore)

A lovely event.
Kristen Philipkoski, Senior Editor, Wired News

It was fun!
David Pescovitz Co-editor, blog

A very educational and entertaining event.
Tien Tzuo Senior Vice President, Marketing, Strategy & Product Management

A very exciting conference with many provocative insights into developments in a variety of fields. All the speakers were great.
Peter J. Denning Chairman, Computer Science Department, and Director of the
Cebrowski Institute for Innovation and Information Superiority, Naval Postgraduate School

I just again wanted to say thanks for the humble honor to think that the work we are doing here at Intel compares at all with the work and the achievements that I was able to hear and witness over the last few days. It is amazing what people around the world are doing. You have truly put something unique together and I hope it continues to grow and that serendipity continues.
Mario Paniccia Director, Photonics Technology Lab Intel Corporation

I join with many others in congratulating you for putting on an even better World Technology Summit than last year.
Professor John Banzhaf George Washington University

Thank you too for the experience which was connecting me with my own engineering past and also my future work – which is very inspirational.
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Esslinger Co-CEO Frog Design Inc.

It was a great experience to attend the World Technology Summit and meet a number of exceptional people from different areas. And, the World Technology Awards gala was a great event.
Randy D. Cortright, Ph.D. CTO/EVP/Founder Virent Energy Systems INC.

We had more listeners to our show on the WTN and the World Technology Summit then any other show to date.
Irene McGee No One's Listening Radio Show (

Thanks for inviting me to the World Technology Summit. I found it very valuable.
Robert Zubrin, Founder, The Mars Society, Author The Case for Mars

Thanks for an AMAZING event! I was thoroughly impressed and enjoyed myself immensely.
Brooke Owens, X-Prize Foundation

You were truly inspired in creating this group, thank you for allowing me to participate in the stimulation and enlightenment. I'm still very actively processing much of the event but please know -- i will be drawing from the lessons, ideas, connections and feedback from now forward. I hope you are getting good rest, you and your team created a fantastic experience. I'm looking forward to the promise of the World Technology Network. Thank you again!
Kelly Larabee, Skype

I was staggered by the quality of people at the meeting. I do not often walk into a room and lower the average IQ, but that was for sure last week.
Thomas R. Casten, Chair and CEO, Primary Energy LLC

Thanks, I had a great time. You did a strikingly professional job, well thought through, bringing together a diverse bunch with many fruitful neighborhood effects and much serendipity.
George Gilder, Editor, Gilder Technology Report

I truly felt humbled and excited to be among such a heady crowd. Really enjoyed myself.
Daniel Sieberg, host, Next@CNN television show

Thank you for once again putting on a classy and stimulating event.
Bert Keely Co-Developer, Tablet PC Microsoft

I throughly enjoyed it. Lots of very thought-provoking presentations and questions.
Jennie Mather, CEO Raven Biotechnologies

When I first got your invitation to come to San Francisco I immediately came up with all kinds of reasons why NOT to go. But then I thought off all the crazy stuff that I got into following each one of our past interactions and realized that it would be wrong to do the right thing and stay in London. Thank you for dragging me half-way across the world. The gala was indeed amazing. Even my wife, who normally shuns public events, mentioned that she was in awe to be in the presence of such grandeur (physical and mental). Thanks for another amazing journey.
Ziv Navoth Managing Director Verve

I found a lot of the people on the panels and list really interesting.
Lee Bruno Senior Editor Red Herring

It was quite an affair. I enjoyed it very much, met some fascinating people, and heard a lot of new ideas, from the wacky to the very real. It was fun.
David Haussler UCSC Professor of Biomolecular Engineering, Howard Hughes Medical Investigator

As usual the World Technology Summit was extremely provocative.
Stephen Wilson, Professor, Conceptual/Information Arts (CIA) Art Dept, San Francisco State University

I found the World Technology Summit to be a very powerful experience, and I want to thank you all for the tremendous effort that went into making it a successful event.
Karl F. Gerdes Senior Staff Engineer Chevron

The name network is tossed about easily these days, but I think you have set up your organization in a way that it gets more powerful and accurate (in terms of awarding the right individuals and organizations) with every year. It is hard to start something organic like this (just like seedlings easily die),but the momentum is going to be incredible.
Konstantin Guericke, Co-founder LinkedIn

I want to thank you for the marvelous work you and your staff did to organize the World Technology Susmmit. I enjoyed it very much and I thank you for that.
Prof. R. Tenne, Kimmel Center for Nanoscale Science, Weizmann Institute

Thank you for an amazing event. WTS was inspiring in so many ways. I really enjoyed the many choices of breakouts. Glad to see you had so many high caliber folks attending.
John Smart, President, Acceleration Studies Foundation

First of all I want to say thanks. Both for the effort you clearly put into the event (WTN awards) and the organization. I had no idea what the WTN was before the awards event. My wife and I were stunned by what we learned about the WTN goals, the participant's contributions to society and the scale of the Network in general.
Ty Roberts, Co-Founder Gracenote

It was a pleasure to be at the World Technology Summit. It was very stimulating for me to meet great scientists and innovators. I enjoyed every presentation.
Tadahiro Kawada, Kawada Industries, Inc.

Heart-felt congratulations are in order to you and your team for seamlessly choreographing a fascinating, thought-provoking and diverse technology summit. Thanks again for allowing me to participate. It was indeed an honour to rub shoulders with such a distinguished group.
Kernaghan Webb, Senior Legal Policy Advisor and Chief of Research,
Office of Consumer Affairs Department of Industry, Government of Canada

I think you do a superb job.... One of the three best global conferences each year.
David Amdal, International Director

Thank you for inviting me to your World Technology Summit. I met wonderful people and learned a lot.
Kamran Elahian Chairman, Co-Founder Global Catalyst Partners

The World Technology Summit and the Awards function were a memorable experience for me. The network has already started assisting me. Also, I am sure that some of the contacts made during the Summit will turn out to be serendipitous in the near future.
Priyadarshini Karve Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI)

Congratulations on another successful World Technology Summit. Like the rest of the attendees, we enjoyed all the programs so well organized by you and the wonderful team of the WTN. We are proud to be part of this organization.
Dr. Owais Succari Special Advisor, Shanghai Technology Stock Exchange I wish to contact you and thank you for a most amazing time. When traveling back to home, and interacting with friends and colleagues over the past few days, I've expressed to all how amazing the Summit was, and how fortunate I was to have had a small part. Without a doubt, it was the most inspiring and exciting conference that I've ever attended; my head was continually spinning with ideas and astonishment at what I heard and saw. What a truly epic-level event it was! I was also extremely impressed with your vision and ability to capture and communicate the best humanity has yet to offer itself. In these troubled economic and political times, it's important for us to dream again about how good the future can be, and what we can do to make it happen. Thank you for establishing the World Technology Network, and thus setting in motion such an amazing forum for exchange and growth. I look forward to future Summits!
Jeremiah D. Jackson, PhD, PE Senior Principal Engineer, Kleinfelder

Thank you for a great experience at WTN-- wonderful to be there and take part. I learned a great deal and hope I contributed a little bit to the conference, too.
Hall Powell, filmmaker

It was a pleasure to work with you towards a successful event. The photos are lovely – we appreciate you sending them through. We most certainly will follow up on your visit to Rwanda and get back in touch with you soonest.
Irene U. Zirimwabagabo Deputy Principal Private Secretary Office of the President, Paul Kagame Republic of Rwanda

At the gala you asked if the World Technology Summit & Awards had met our expectations and honestly, it far exceeded anything we could have imagined.
MG & Bruce Howard Co-founders, Lightglove Finalists, The World Technology Award for Entertainment

I want to thank you both for inviting me to participate at the WTN's Summit and Awards Ceremony last week... I want to congratulate you on a highly successful summit. Your organization is doing very important work in moving our technology forward and yet maintaining a much needed social responsibility.
KEVIN K.W. WANG, Ph.D. Center Director, Center of Innovative Research & Chief Scientific Officer BANYAN BIOMARKERS, Inc.

I would like to come back to you after this unforgetable event last week. The evening was a unique experience and the speakers with their projects during the Summit where cutting edge quality. And it was an honour to speak to them after lunch.
Stephen Augustin Design Department, BMW Inventor, Watercone

I want to thank you for producing such a fabulous event, both the Summit meetings and the Award presentation. My wife and I had a very wonderful time and met some remarkable people. We were especially impressed by President Kagame and delighted to find that he is bringing modern technology to this impoverished region of Africa.
Peter Smith Phoenix Mars Lander, Principal Investigator

It was a really great event and I am so glad I was finally able to make it to one. I'm trying to put it all together in a report for my office, but there was so much good stuff the report is becoming more of a novel at this point. I made great contacts and learned a lot.
Kendra Pohn Fogerty Great Lakes Strategic Network Coordinator Canadian Consulate

I go to a lot of meetings and normally I listen while I continue to work thru email. This is the only meeting where for two days I only listened. Interesting people and ideas!
Timothy Anderson President, World Computer Exchange

After my safe return home, I am still very impressed by the quality and the broad views of the World Technology Summit & Awards 2009. It will take some time - for sure - to set up all the contacts (including potential co-operations and projects) and the different lectures. Thank you for having me there.
Dr. Frank Volke Fraunhofer Institut

Great job on the conference—I was most impressed with the range and depth of the speakers and presenters. Not the "usual suspects" that too often populate technology conferences. And there was a very nice collegial atmosphere between sessions as well.
Michael Rogers Futurist-in-Residence The New York Times

It's almost two weeks since the Summit and the Awards gala and I can still feel the excitement I felt. It was a fantastic experience and a great honor both for me and my family. I would like again to thank you again for the fantastic Summit. I will be looking forward to next years Summit.
Ron Nabarro Designer

Thanks for inviting me to the 2009 World Technology Network Summit and Awards. A most interesting event and evening. I was truly impressed with the people present.
Paul Chaikin Winner, 2009 World Technology Award for Materials

Wow. What a fabulous event! I was so inspired by the passion of participants for their work, their support of each other's work, and learned so much in the meantime...
Erica vanderLinde Feidner President, Piano Matchmaker LLC


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