2004 Summit & Awards

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2004 World Technlogy Summit & Awards

2004 World Technology Award Winners & Finalists

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The Arts

Winner: David Rokeby, Independent


Biotechnology (Individual)

Winner: Ehud Shapiro, Professor, Department of Computer Science, Weizmann Institute

Andre Koltermann/Ulrich Kettling, Co-Founders, DIREVO Biotech AG

Biotechnology (Corporate)

Winner: Advanced Cell Technology


Communications Technology (Individual)

Winner: David P. Reed, Adjunct Professor, Media Arts and Sciences, MIT and HP Fellow, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories


Communications Technology (Corporate)

Winner: Skype



Winner: Paola Antonelli, Curator, Architecture and Design, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)



Winner: Cristian Cox, Minister of Education, Government of Chile


Energy (Individual)

Winner: Martin Green, Research Director, Centre for Advanced Silicon Photovoltaics and Photonics, U. of New South Wales


Energy (Corporate)

Winner: AeroVironment



Winner: Richard Marks, Manager, Special Projects group, US R&D, Sony Computer Entertainment


Environment (Individual)

Winner: Ken Livingstone, Mayor, London, United Kingdom


Environment (Corporate)

Winner: AgraQuest



Winner: Kristin Shrader-Frechette, O'Neill Family Professor of Philosophy/Concurrent Professor of Biological Sciences , University of Notre Dame


Finance (Individual)

Winner: Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson


Finance (Corporate)

Winner: General Atlantic Partners


Health & Medicine (Individual)

Winner: Alan Chow & Vincent Chow, Co-Founders, Optobionics Corporation


Health & Medicine (Corporate)

Winner: Intuitive Surgical


IT - Hardware (Individual)

Winner: Charles Black/Kathryn Guarini, Physical Sciences Department /Silicon Technology Department, T. J. Watson Research Center, IBM


IT - Hardware (Corporate)

Winner: Apple


IT - Software (Individual)

Winner: Daphne Koller, Associate Professor, Robotics Laboratory, Computer Science Department (& Theory Group), Stanford University


IT - Software (Corporate)

Winner: Apple



Winner: Pamela Samuelson, Director, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, Boalt Hall School of Law, UC/Berkeley


Marketing Communications

Winner: Cindy McCaffrey, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Google


Materials (Individual)

Winner: Charles Lieber, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University


Materials (Corporate)

Winner: Nanosys


Media & Journalism

Winner: Dan Gillmor, Business and Technology Columnist , San Jose Mercury News

Simon Andreae, Head of Science, Channel 4 Television (UK)


Winner: Bruce Alberts, President, National Academy of Sciences


Social Entrepreneurship

Winner: Fabio Luis de Oliveira Rosa, Executive Director, Institute for the Development of Natural Energy and Sustainability/IDEAAS (Brazil)

Kristine Pearson, Founding Executive Director, Freeplay Foundation

Space (Individual)

Winner: Burt Rutan, Founder, Scaled Composites

Richard Cook/Peter Theisinger, Flight Operations Manager, Mars Pathfinder/Mars Exploration Rover project manager, JPL/NASA
Lou-Chuang Lee, Director, National Space Program Office (Taiwan)
Elon Musk, Founder, SpaceX
Colin Pillinger, Director, Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute, Open University (UK)

Space (Corporate)

Winner: Surrey Satellite Technology